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In 2021 we started this rolling fund on AngelList. We invest from $30K - $100K per quarter into early-stage tech startups, helping companies focused on LATAM, founders that come from LATAM, or anyone helping immigrants through technology. Our expertise is LATAM and Engineering.

General partners

Federico Soria

I am an Engineering Manager at Airbnb, product lead for Airbnb Luxe, ruby developer and the founder of Mexicans in Silicon Valley group consisting of +1200 members who work in tech across the Bay Area. Connoisseur of local breweries and recipient of a World Guinness Record for the largest carne asada in the world.

Christian Van Der Henst

I co-founded Platzi. Platzi is the technical school for Latinamerica. Contents in marketing, programming, design, and soft skills with a 70% completion rate, to over 2mm students worldwide in Spanish, Portuguese and English. Before 1997, I built a community for web developers with over 1mm posts on the early internet. Supporting tech companies as an angel investor since 2016.

How we can help

We have early access to many companies in Latin America and are eager to support their scaling technical challenges. We bring our time and expertise to the table with experience in operations, team building, and management from early startups to big companies. Our combined experience includes working inside of Airbnb, Platzi, Checkmate, PayByGroup.

We've worked building a community of LATAM Engineers in the Bay Area while helping them a position on roles inside tech companies. We are mentors and advisors to the technical talent striving to build a new generation of startups.

Past investments

Terapify, Toku, Creditar.io, 500 Startups, Rappi, Mercury, OnTop & Fondeadora

Are we a match?

We can provide a lens into the technical team of Startups, reviewing engineer teams, product design, and focus on scalability. Connecting the dots between product and market fit with founders, providing more value to investments. We are more than happy to tap into our network to help you.